Restoration of a 1970 Porsche 911 T

22 October 2014, Wednesday .

Restoring a 1970 Porsche 911 T with Zenith Carburetors 





The engine as you see, for a 1970 car is ok


The original stickers are there. but the electric instalation was mixed



The Zenith Carburetor from the car


Restoring one of the Zenith Carburetor



New gaskets in the Zenith


Almost finished


The gearbox from the car


Another lookd from the gearbox after cleaned up


The pistons




The engine seems to be ok


Begin to clean the engine parts


One Zenith finished 


Second Zenith to repair. You can now compare with the other one. quite a difference



Both ready and wainting to be assembly in the engine.



Gearbox clean 



Another look for the aluminium gearbox



Dismantle the rear




Dismantle the front



Another picture from the front



Dismantle the doors



Dismantle the drivers side



Rear dismantled



Inside almost complete dismatled



Another picture





Lot of mparts to dismantle



Luggage compartment



Another picture



Still a lot of pieces to came out



Another picture



Original stickers 



Working in the wires



Only missing the dashboard



Preparing to dismantle the dashboard




Almost done



The front wings already out



Another picture



And a picture from the other side



After the sand blast



Another picture



Almost no rust, only small details



Rear almost ready



The rear was almost ok. not so much to do



Front need a little more work. Small parts



Testing the parts to fit



Some of the work done



Small but importatnt parts to restore



As you can see there is always work to do



Tryng bonet and then doors before go to the paint. 



Almost ready for the paint



Small works



Adjusting the doors



Adjusting the front



Adjusting doors right side



Small reparation in the rear



Almost ready



ready for paint



Ready for paint



Rebuid the engine



New bearings



New chains



Preparing to assembly the engine



Assembly of teh engine has begin



Another view of the assembly of the engine



Another rpicture



New gaskets



New chains



New spark plugs, new engine gaskets



Assembly the engine



First carburator on place



Carburators on place



Engine almost complete



Waiting for the body



Already painted



Another view



Side view



Front suspension



Assembly the brakes



Assemble the axles



Another view



Rear tail lights already on place



Electric part and dashboard begin assembly



Begin assembly the front part



Rear almost ready for assembly the engine



Left side



Right side



Working on the dashboard



Another view



Front with headlights



Rebuilt the gearbox



Another view from the work



Engine and gearbox already on place



Another view



Another view from the engine



New fuel tank



Another view from the fuel tank



Assembly the exhaust



Assembly the exhaust




Testing the engine



Another view



Exhaust on place



Another view



Another view



Almost ready



Another view



Left side



Engine testing



Engine compartment almost finished



Ready for the new interior



Another view



Another view



Engine compartment



Assembly the interior



New interior leather



Testing the engine



Front bottom with new fuel tank



New complet exhaust



Ready for testing






Looks like new



Another look



Applying cavity wax for protection



Applying in the underframe



After all wax



This is how it looks like after the cavity wax. 



This how it looks like, now that is finished.



A reborn Porsche



Like brand new



New leather



Another picture of the interior



Engine totally rebuilt



Ready for the new owner

































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Sérgio Rodrigues