Restoration of 1970 Jaguar E- Type 4.2 Séries II

15 July 2014, Tuesday .

Restoration of a 1970 Jaguar E- Type 4.2 Séries II 


Jaguar E- Type 4.2 Séries II

Tha Jaguar is in good condition, but this is not the original colour inside and outside


We begin dismantle from the front


Another look from the front 


Another look from the front


Side of the front


This is not the original interior colour. The original is black


Another look from the inside compartment


Begin dismantl the interior



You can see in this picture the carburattors with adaptation


The engine now without the cooling engine


Still dismantle the front 



From the inside 


Preparing to take the wheels off


Begin dismantle the electric parts


Without wheels


Front almost only with the engine


Parts that are getting out from the car


The rear still intact


Engine and gearbox are out


Seems ok the engine and gearbox, with no leaks


Dismantle the interior and almost no sign of rust


The engine compartment with one of the worst paint jobs


Interior parts


Dismantling the rear


Interior compartment almost with no rust


Engine compartment seems to have no rust also


All the leather is out


Rear dismantled


Only electric parts still there


front all dismantled


Still in the interior


The dashboard will be the last part


The shock absorvers


The rear axle


All out in the interior compartment


ALmost ready to go to the sand blast


Another view of the car body


View of the front


Along side view


View from the rear


After sand blast


The engine compartment have no rust


From the side also, with no rust


Rear, also with no rust


After the paint protection


Body parts protected also


Suspension parts


The car is in good shape for 1970


Rear with no signs of rust


Body parts with no signs of rust also


Engine stiall almost all original parts


The engine block


Another look at the engine block




The pistons, looking to be replaced


Repairing the carburattors


Engine parts


Engine block


Tryng setle the front


Put the front again to see if it fits


In the interior have 2 new fllors


And is finished the interior


The front almost finished



Aluminium gearbox cleaned



Another look of the cleaning



Front ready for the painter




Another look to the front. The silver is the original colour



Another look for the original colour



Rear almost ready also



Driver compartment ready for the painter



Nedw shock absorver



All new shock absorvers have arrived




Mounting the rear ones



Rear axle ready



Another picture of the rear axle



Working on the Cilinder Head



Almost finished and ready to assembled



Rear almost ready for paint



Front been prepared



Another picture of the front



Interior compartment



Preparing the gearbox compartment



Another picture of the rear



Bonnet almost finish



Engine rebuilt and ready to begin to be assembly



Another picture of the engine



Another picture



Begin assembly the engine



Seems like a new engine



New pistons, new cilinder liners



it will be a new 4,2 Liters Jaguar engine



Another look



The assembly continues



Almost new



Preparing to assembly the carburattors



Waiting for the carburattors



Looks like new



With the carburattors already on place



Completly rebuilt



begin to look complete



New chains



Painted inside in the original Silver colour



Engine compartment painted



This time we do not have paint the exterior. We will paint later



The luggage compartment painted



Another view



Rear axle taking place with new shock absorvers



Rear axle already in place



Another look of the rear



begin the assembly of the engine compartment




Engine almost ready



Preparing for testing the engine



New spark plugs set ignition wire set



Testing engine



Engine compartment ready to receive parts



Preparing the parts to assembly



Electric parts begin to tale place




Begin takeing place



New front shock absorvers



Steering taking place



Another picture



New disc pads



A look to the underframe



WIth the wheels fitted



Side picture



Front wheels on



Another picture from the underframe



Begin assembly the heating



Air conditioning pipes fitted as well as air filter



Tank fitted



Hand brake takes place



Fuel line begin takes place



New brake and clutch bottle taking place



Radiators already on place



Ready to received the engine



Engine taking place



Taking place



A slowly operation that requires patience



Engine on place and preparing to test it



Engine tested. You can see in youtube 



The underframe was all restored



Engine and front suspension



Another view of the underframe restored



Rear already painted



Side already painted also



View from the front



Another side



Preparing the bonnet



Preparation the bonnet



Preparation of the trunk



Preparing the doors



The other door



Bonnet almost ready



Inside bonnet



Returning from the paint



Preparing to have the bonnet



Stiil lot to do



With the bonnet on place



Begin having the chromes



Preparing the electric parts



Front bumpers on place



Another view



Front and side lights



Other side


Already with the lights



Front lights and side lights on place



Testing the lights



Under frame of the car



Inside the car



Begin in the rear



Preparing the rear lights



And still in the rear



Inserting the new rubber seals



Finishing the rear lamps



View of the front



Another view



Another view



Preparing to have the restored dashboard



Glove box compartment



Instruments restored



Dashboard restored



Windshield on place



Another view from the parts



Another view from the interior



Steering restored and already in place



Interior leather on place



Interior almost complete



Rear almost finished



Trunk finished



Working in the details



Another view from the inside



Working on the rear



Front finished



Rear finished



Working on the soft top



Working on the interior



Working on the soft top



Working on the front



Working on the details






And finish. 



Amazing colour combination



Another view







New leather






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