Mercedes Benz 280SL - 1970 (restoration)

19 January 2015, Monday .

Mercedes Benz 280SL - 1970


The look of the car when was achieved



Preparing to dismantle the car




Another view



Front of the car



Engine compartment view



Under frame of the Mercedes



Parts removed from the car



Another look of the under frame rear



Front iwthout front axle



Front under frame



Engine compartment



Another view of the engine compartment



Parts of the car



More parts



Everything removed. ready for sand blast



rear part















Dismatle the engine



we gess that was the first time that the engine is open



Mechanical parts ready to the cleaning



Ready for cleaning



Final look before the cleaning



And the front



Front left clean



Rear left



Preparing parts to clean



The rear






Another view of the car









Another view of the underframe



Rebuilt the engine



A/C Compressor



New pistons



New gaskets



New bearings



New valves




Fuel pump rebuilt



Another view



Almost ready



Engine ready for testing






Restoring body




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