1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Roadster Restoration

03 March 2015, Tuesday .



Dismantling the Corvette



Dasboard is already out



Trunk already dismantled



Chrome and lens are already out



Driver compartment almost dismantled



Another view



Just the fiber glass body



Another look at the body



Almost everything out



Another view



And the frame body



Preparing to dismantle the frame



Another picture of the sub frame with the engine



Rear body of the Corvette



Front body of the Corvette



Side of the body



Part of the dashboard



Engine out of the sub frame



Another view of the sub frame without engine






Sub frame



Preparing the fiber glass of the body



Preparing the front



Preparing the interior



Preparing the rear



Preparation of the front



Frame already cleaned



Another view



Ready for paint



Boidy frame painted



Another view of the body frame



Preparing the body 



Close view of the front wing



View of the front



After sand blast, paint the mechanical parts



Front axle




Car parts



Wheel parts



Transmission and body parts



Preparation of the trunk



Front hood prepared



Doors prepared



Assembly the parts



ENgine on place



Brakes maintenece



Assembly in body frame almost done



Wayting for the body to assembly



Engine already on place



Gearbox, transmission, suspension, exhaust, on place



Anoither view of the under frame



Another view



Preparing the body



Preparing the front



Left side ready




Right side ready



Already with the primary



Another view 












Another view



Rear panel



Side view



Engine compartment



With the under body painted



Engine compartment painted



Interior compartment painted



Another view of the original colour of the Corvette



Trunk compartment already painted also



Preparing to assembly



In position to assembly



In place



Preparing for the paint



Fuel deposit on place



Preparing for paint






Another view



Already painted in the original blue colour



Another view



Preparing for assembly the parts



More parts to assembly



Preparing for the rear part



Headlights on place



Dashboard  and insulation



Windshield and chrom



Rear chroms



Side view



Preparing for the final detail






Final result



With seats on



With chrome parts



View of the rear



Another view



Front view



Rear View



Side view



Another side view



Front side view



New soft top



Almost ready



Another view



In exibition



Another view



Side view



Another side























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